About Us

RINAVE – Registro Internacional Naval, SA was formally established and started its activity as the Portuguese Ship Classification Society in 1973. Extending its activity to the onshore industry, RINAVE enlarged its capacity for industrial support, namely as a controlling institution rending inspection and technical advisory services.

On the 23rd May 1974, RINAVE was officially recognised by the Portuguese Government as a Classification Society and authorised to perform surveys on their behalf in order to verify a vessel’s compliance with International Conventions, Codes and Resolutions covering safety at sea.

RINAVE was similarly recognised in 1975 within the scope of the Ministry of Industry as a controlling and surveying institution for the construction and repairing of steam generators and pressure vessels. Also in 1982 RINAVE was designated by the relevant Official Departments as a controlling institution for inspections and certification of vehicles for Transport of Dangerous Products by Road within the scope of the European ADR Convention.

RINAVE - Registro Internacional Naval, SA,  responsible for Ship Registry and Classification Activities.

Assuring a complete independence from Financial Groups, Insurance Companies, Shipowners and the Industry in general, the RINAVE Group has found its main Clients in various fields such as:

RINAVE is recognised by National Authorities of several countries, Shipowners and Shipyards as an important source of expertise for the maritime and onshore industries and as such a close relationship with them is maintained.