Classification Activities


Having established as a goal to become internationally recognised as a reference within its field, RINAVE carries out Ship Classification and Statutory Certification with the purpose of serving our clients and the public in general by promoting quality shipping, safety of people and property as well as the protection of the environment.

The high standards of RINAVE for design appraisal, plan approval and survey procedures ensure the quality of the ship.  Setting standards for materials, structural strength, machinery and equipment provides the fundamental basis for safety and reliability in operation.

The classification process assures the adequacy and reliability of the hull and main systems of a ship against a proven standard through: design review, survey during the construction and the operational phases and management of the ship data base.

The Society certifies also product manufacturers approving their products and their organisation.

On behalf of several Flag Administration RINAVE carries out statutory certification according to International Conventions and Regulations including certification of Safety Management Systems and Security Systems according to ISM and ISPS Codes, contributing to the improvement of the management standards in shipping.

As mentioned, RINAVE - Registro Internacional Naval, S.A. performs its activity based on  the Rules for Classification, covering the subjects related to design, construction and maintenance of ships such as materials,  structures, machinery components and systems, electrical installations, stability, fire protection and extinguinshing, automation systems, electronic equipment, etc.

RINAVE - Registro Internacional Naval, S.A. has implemented its own Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001, IMO Resolution A739(18), A789(19), IACS Quality Systems requirements, EN ISO 17020 and EU DIR 94/57.

RINAVE’s Quality System is certified by BSI.

According to RINAVE Quality System all personnel performing activities directly involved in the Quality of RINAVE's services will be qualified according with RINAVE's qualification scheme, including surveyors, approval engineers and ISM Code Auditors. This scheme covers IMO Res. A 789(19)

RINAVE - Registro Internacional Naval is authorised to carry out statutory certification services within the scope of the International Maritime Conventions by the National Authority of Portugal, including International Shipping Register of Madeira-MAR
With respect to the Portuguese Republic a written Agreement governing the delegation of services related to statutory certification was established with RINAVE, in accordance with EU Directive 94/57/EC art. 6.2, on the 3 rd September 2001.

The Society issues periodically several publications, namely:

The company productive structure comprises the following departments:

Ships classed by RINAVE

RINAVE-Registro Internacional Naval, SA has classed more than 500 vessels, corresponding to approximately 1.850.000 GRT.
These vessels are or were registered under the following flags:

        S. Tomé e Príncipe
        Guiné Bissau
        United States of America
        Cabo Verde
        St. Vincent and the Grenadines

With respect to newbuilding, RINAVE has performed design review, construction surveys, certification of materials, equipments and systems, on more than 140 newbuildings built under his supervision.

Approval of Products, Manufacturers and Service Suppliers

RINAVE has approved several products, manufacturers and service suppliers according to the Rules for Classification.  These products, manufacturers and service suppliers are listed on the publications “Register of Manufacturers and Type Approved Products”  and “Register of Approved Service Suppliers” together with the corresponding certificate number and validity date.

The RINAVE Type Approval program provides certification that marine equipment, components and other products conform to an acceptable industry standard or have satisfactorily passed engineering analysis by RINAVE´s approval engineers.

Certification is based on design review, prototype testing and periodical audits to the manufacturing facility.

Quality Performance

Being a regionally based European Society, the ships classed by RINAVE are basically falling under the survey scheme of the Memorandum of Paris on Port State Control. To this effect, the performance of RINAVE, in terms of ships detained, has substantially improved in the last years. Presently RINAVE is in the statistics of that organization at the same average level of all IACS members.

All the effort done in upgrading the quality of the services and the will of all staff members to continuously improve the level already achieved is a warranty for the Shipowners, National Authorities, Charters and Underwriters, that RINAVE is a company one can trust.