RINAVE - Registro Internacional Naval is authorized to carry out especific tasks concerning statutory certification, on vessels registered under the International Shipping Register of Madeira - MAR, in accordance with IMO Res. A.746(18) revoked by IMO Res. A.948(23).

Product Certification

Product Certification is a service rendered by Rinave.

This services may be carried out either within the frame of the Rules for Classification or within the frame of any international or national standard.

Product certification may be carried out on a case by case basis or on the type approval basis. The type approval program assures that marine equipment, components and other products conform to the Rules or an acceptable industry standard and have passed engineering analisys by Rinave approval engineers. This certification is based on design review, prototype testing and periodical surveys of the manufacturing facilities.

A Register of Type Approved Products is published by the Society.

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